Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cool Tools 2016

Just before Thanksgiving break I had the opportunity to attend a special CUE Board dinner with one of my teammates, Josh Harris. We arrived a few minutes late, so there were only a few open seats left at their table. It just happened that one of the seats left was towards the end of the table next to the fabulous Lisa Delapo, one of the co-presidents for EastBay CUE. It was awesome finally getting the chance to meet her and hear about the amazing things happening in and around East Bay.

During our dinner conversations, I learned about an upcoming event, Cool Tools 2016. Not only did the awesome name catch my attention, but hearing that Jon Corippo will be their opening Keynote speaker, I was sold. All I could think about was, "How am I going to be able to make attending Cool Tools 2016 happen?" I wasn't quite sure. Especially since I just registered for CUE's Rockstar TOSA Camp, and I knew my husband wouldn't be thrilled about another big conference.

Before I could even think of a plan of attack, I received a direct message from Lisa on Twitter asking if I would be willing to submit a proposal to present at Cool Tools 2016! I was so honored to be asked to submit a proposal and I knew this was my ticket to attend, so that same day I submitted my request to present!

AND I am excited to announce... 

I will officially be presenting at Cool Tools 2016 on Seesaw! Whoo-hoo!