Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Do your students like to chatter?

Then you must introduce the free iPad App, ChatterPix for Kids!

This has always been one of my favorite Apps to use with students. The name of the App hints at it's purpose... allowing you to make a picture talk! The art of creation is very simple, yet students can express themselves and information in very creative and unique ways. For example, students could take a selfie of themselves at the beginning of the year and record their voice talking for up to 30 seconds to introduce themselves to the class. This App allows any image to talk. 

Here are some lesson ideas using ChatterPix:
  • Have students share their opinion on a given topic with supporting evidence 
    • Use a selfie to make themselves talk
    • Use an image related to the topic 
  • Have students use their selfie to share facts or things they learned about a given topic 
    • Use a selfie to make themselves say the facts 
    • Use an image of an important person or figure to share knowledge about them
    • Use an image of artwork or animal and provide them a voice to talk 
    • Use the camera to take pictures of shapes and share attributes about that shape
    • Use the camera to take pictures of stuffed animals/characters from a book 
When looking at ChatterPix through these lenses the list of ideas start multiplying!! The possibilities are truly endless! What ideas are you thinking of now?