Monday, September 15, 2014

Looking back to where my coding journey began...

First Blog post ever! Rough draft: 

It was June 9th, the first Monday of summer vacation. I had survived another school year and was reflecting back on my year, proud of my accomplishments. It was my first year as an 1:1 iPad teacher of a combination class as a mommy of two young children! I was looking forward to having the whole summer off to enjoy family time... This was going to be my first summer without volunteering to teach summer school. 

Well... That was until I received an email from my Vice Principal later that day... He was emailing me because our Kinder Ready summer program was looking for a teacher to teach Coding. He felt this position was right up my alley and boy was he right. This was an opportunity I couldn't resist! The second I heard the details, I immediately made arrangements for daycare and submitted my consideration form. 

Looking back, if it wasn't for that email I don't believe I would be sitting here today writing this blog about Kinder Coding! I owe my ticket to this journey to my Vice Principal, without his push I would have never known this journey was awaiting me this year!