Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Commitment to Blogging!

After having some time to really, I mean really think this over, I've repeatedly found myself struggling to find the right way to share my thoughts, opinions and adventures with the world. Constantly, I find myself thinking about blogging, and dreaming of one day, I will be that teacher with blog. Every time I craved out a little time to work on a blog post, or research ways to customize my blog template, I always found ways to distract myself from actually accomplishing these tasks. It became a never ending cycle for me that looked something like this: creating a post title, typing out a few sentences as my mind would begin to freeze. My own thoughts would cloud my head and fill with worry. Will my thoughts, opinions and advice be enough to create a meaningful blog? Am I going to make tons of spelling and grammar mistakes? So I'd stop right there. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my job and could talk for hours about anything related to education. Why can't I write about it? I'm not sure but today I've finally decided to conquer my fears.

I am committing to sharing my journey with all of you. This isn't easy for me because I over analyze EVERYTHING so I've decided to accept the fact that what I have to share might not be perfect, but life's not perfect and that's how we learn best! Jumping out of our comfort zones and pushing new limits. Fingers crossed this time I can hit "Publish" and continue to repeat this cycle of sharing my thoughts with the world, instead of my close colleagues and friends.