Saturday, June 20, 2015

iOS NorCal Summit Rocked!

Say what?

A conference designated towards Google Apps and iPads together? There wasn't a chance in the world I would miss this opportunity to attend the first iOS NorCal Summit. It was decided, I must attend, but just as a participant. I was too afraid to submit to present for two reasons. First, just out of fear I'd miss someone else's presentation and second, would my presentation be worthy?

However... As the time grew near, I was convinced by some of my colleagues to submit a late proposal to present... Sure enough, I was selected! Those two days at the summit were jammed pack with learning! My presentation centered around using Shadow Puppet Edu to capture student learning. (Here's a link to my presentation) My audience was fabulous and jumped right into their task cards to create their own movies! It was an amazing experience for all! I even had the chance to meet one of the creators of Shadow Puppet Edu and Seesaw, attend his presentation on seesaw, and learned about Aurasma.

 Fingers crossed iOS NorCal becomes a yearly conference here in NorCal!