Thursday, September 3, 2015

Parents Missed Back to School Night?

In today's world, everyone always seems to be busy running all around town... From dropping kids off at school, running to work, picking kids up from school, errands, sport engagements... The list can go on and on...

With my own son in Kindergarten this year, my own life has taken on a new level of busy! Thank goodness I've had a few years of practice with lesson planning and organizing schedules, otherwise I think our family would be coming unglued right about now! However, trying to be in multiple places at once is still a challenge for any parent.

With families becoming increasingly busy, attending important events at school have become even more challenging. What if we can help families feel apart of these school events even if they can't physically attend? Now with the help of technology, families can be more connected than ever, if we take advantage of it!

How do you take advantage of technology to connect with families??

In a recent conversation with a past colleague, she shared a brilliant idea with me! Why don't we record our Back to School Night presentations for families who are unable to attend in person? This allows parents to still feel apart of their child's classroom even if they couldn't attend due to a variety of reasons. Better yet, what about that new student that comes mid-year... How amazing would it be for that student's family to feel apart of important parent nights? Next time you host a parent night, consider asking for a volunteer to record the event. You can upload the recording to Google Drive, YouTube, a class blog or website... What a great way to help families become connected to your classroom!