Monday, February 1, 2016

What do you do for Wiggle Breaks?


It's normal, almost in any classroom to see that students need a chance to get up and move. Especially younger students, however this is just as important with older students. NO ONE likes to sit in one place for extended amounts of time. What are some things that you do in your classroom to help with this?? 

As a classroom teacher and now as Ed Tech Specialist, I highly recommend checking out Go Noodle! This website allows teachers to create a free account, create a class and select highly engaging videos that let your students get up and move. Each class has a champ character that helps motivate your students. After each video session, the site automatically tracks how long your students have been using Go Noodle. The progress bar tracks every 10 actives to help their champ grow. Once the progress bar is completed, students can select a new champ.

Go Noodle has tons of free videos. Our kinders LOVE Koo Koo Kanga Roo's videos, especially Pop See Ko! You can use the heart to mark your favorite videos and to easily find and select content to use with your students. Go Noodle also allows you to add your own videos from YouTube to your Go Noodle account.

If you haven't tried Go Noodle yet, I highly recommend you testing it out with your students!