Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Hour Of Code 2015

Are You Ready?? 

The Hour of Code holds a special place in my heart. The first time I was introduced to the Hour of Code, I was in the midst of teaching a complex science lesson when my Principal walked in with the Superintendent and her crew. As they walked around and observed our lesson, I noticed our Superintendent was waiting to talk to me, she wanted to ask me a question... And that's when I heard those THREE words for the first time, "Will you be participating in the Hour of Code?"

Wait... what? I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. The Hour of Code? What is that?? I had no idea what the Hour of Code was nor did I want to admit that to my Superintendent! Thank goodness my shock quickly faded enough so I was able to smiled and uttered something coherent back. Later that day, I glanced at my email to see I had an awaiting message from our Superintendent providing me information on how to sign up for the Hour of Code. Needless to say, I hosted my first Hour of Code event back in December of 2013. I reached out to our local community college and had one of their web design professors come introduce my students to HTML code. It was such an amazing experience! An Hour of Code that I will never forget! Now fast forward two years...
Email Blast

We are in full swing planning and organizing Hour of Code events throughout our district. I am luckily enough to be apart of a small, informal planning committee to support our staff. We created an email blast to send of EVERYONE in our district about the Hour of Code is coming! As apart of my Monday Tech Madness sessions, we will be offering THREE different Monday Sessions to provide teachers training and hands-on support for activities to use for the Hour of Code with their own students. Check out the jammed packed presentation for Hour of Code Resources here! This slide deck was created with an idea to provide MORE than enough resources to host the Hour of Code event and provide teachers with a digital lesson plan. Teachers can make a COPY of the slides, then delete out anything that will not apply to their Hour of Code Event. Now they have their own personal presentation to use during their Hour of Code event with their students! Hopefully with this model, we helped minimize the time required to plan and host an event with the hopes more teachers will jump on board this year!

Please feel free to share this resource with ANY and ALL teachers!