Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Year, New Possibilities!

It's been way too long since I've managed to post any updates on here... So much has happened that I'm not even sure where to begin.... But with the new year in full swing, it's time make writing updates on here a priority! I know... I've said that before but I haven't managed to devote time to writing throughout the week to consistently post. I'm hoping this year will be different!

I feel this new school year will be my best one yet!! Here's a few reasons why I know:

First, I've been lucky enough to participate on the NorthBay CUE's board!! Whoop-whoop!! I love CUE and everything they stand for... And I'm so proud to be apart of this great organization!! Our NorthBay CUE board has lots of fun and exciting events planned for this year. I'll get to share those events as they get closer, but for now, make sure to save the date of February 3rd for our annual #NBCUE event!

Second, we finished off last year with a bang! I had so many teachers creating cool end of the year projects with technology! (A few blog posts are in drafts... Hoping to find time to review and publish these!) Many teachers created classroom video projects that were shared with families! I've had teachers reach out to me over the summer about ideas and I can't wait to continue to support these amazing projects!

Third, my position within my district is evolving. I'm no longer "just" our kinder code specialist... Which in theory wasn't what my job entailed anyways, I'm now an educational technology specialist. Our team originally consisted of seven teachers on special assignment that supported teachers in our district for a three-year cycle. However, sometime last year our district decided to no longer continue our positions, however, since I was one of the last teachers to join our team, I have been given the opportunity to finish out my third year. This year, I am working as a team of ONE to support teachers in my district integrate technology! Working by myself seemed daunting at first, but I'm excited to continue to support teachers in my district and use my PLN on Twitter to continue to support me grow as an educator!

This next year is going to be a busy one, but in the world of an educational technology specialist, that's a great thing!