Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Do you Google Slide?

If you've created a presentation using Google Slides, then you already know the Google Slide. Just like a dance... Slide to the right. Slide to the right... Every time I hear those two words together I imagine a choreographed dance routine. Now you might be laughing or just thinking that I'm crazy but follow me for a second...

If you think of Google Slides as a dance then everything to compose in your presentation should flow together like each step of an intricate dance routine. Right? Slides may contain words, images, links and videos combined together to showcase the author's message. Each slide should be related, each sequence should be well planned out, build upon each other and capture the audience's attention. 

After attending one of Susan Stewart's Primarily Google presentations at Solano's GAFE Summit, my mind starting spinning. I began seeing Google Slides as a brand new tool to create engaging, interactive Slides for students to use in the classroom. When combined with my own knowledge, and a little bit of Lisa Highfill's HyperDoc concept, I began seeing Google Slides in a whole new light! 

In working with a second-grade teacher, we used our district's adopted curriculum to create an interactive Google Slides lesson for her students. I've covered most the text from the lesson since the material is Copy Righted, however, I think you can grasp the concept of the lesson design and how the students were able to interact with the content and build a deeper understanding of the text than simply reading their textbook. 

Click here to view full Google Slides presentation 

Google Slides allow teachers and students to create beautiful presentations, digital books, and activities! Google Slides has taken off as a powerful tool that allows for innovation and creativity to blossom! (This post has been sitting in my draft for MONTHS! I cannot believe I forgot to hit publish! Better LATE than NEVER!!!)