Monday, August 17, 2015

First Monday Tech Madness

Today is not only the first Monday of the school year with students in our district, but it is also the first session of Monday Tech Madness! 

Monday Tech Madness is a concept I envisioned towards the end of last year. After many conversations with my supporting teachers, teammates and friends, the concept become a planned goal for this year. Every Monday, there will be an hour long professional development opportunity for teachers centered around technology. Since these sessions are only an hour, each topic will be carefully selected, with the goal teachers will become knowledge and gain confidence to use the skills and tools discussed each week immediately in their classrooms. They will also have the opportunity to work closely with their Ed Tech team and reach out for additional support within their classrooms after each session.

With more teachers having greater access to technology, I felt it was essential to address key components of a successful technology integration classroom during our first few sessions. Our first session will introduce one digital workflow management system that allows students and teachers to create and share digital work. Today's solution is Seesaw, a digital learning journal, that can be used to help teachers manage digital work with students as young as five! 

Here's a link to the slides for today's professional development!