Monday, August 24, 2015

Need Help Teaching Digital Citizenship?

Common Sense Media's Curriculum Scope & Sequence

Today's Monday Tech Madness was on our district's adopted Digital Citizenship Curriculum from Common Sense Media

All Classrooms Need Digital Citizenship

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This piece of knowledge for students is essential for successful technology integration into the classroom and for all students to have a solid foundation to thrive in our digital, 21st Century world! A team of educators from our district worked together to create a pacing guide for all students to receive education on digital citizenship based on the scope and sequence provided by Common Sense Media. We are using the FREE lessons created by Common Sense Media to drive our instruction. Their lessons focus around an essential question, with solid learning objectives, Common Core alignment to standards, key vocabulary, teacher guide to lead conversations with materials and even family resources!

In this professional development session, we shared our district's pacing guide, reviewed and discussed the importance of including digital citizenship curriculum into every classroom and viewed the structure of the lesson plans on Common Sense Media. This is the presentation used during our session titled Monday Tech Madness: Digital Citizenship