Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Letter Hunt with QR Codes

Looking for a fun way to introduce letters and iPads to your Kindergarten students? Check out this great FREE activity from Emily Haskell on Teachers Pay Teachers, Uppercase Letter QR Codes!

On the fifth day of school, I had the opportunity to team teach a lesson to introduce students to their iPads. We started off by talking up how special their class is to have iPads for each student. We talked about about how expensive iPads cost and the importance of being safe, responsible and respectful while using our devices.

I prepared a simple display of pictures to show students our activity using Notability. (Click here to view) We played up the treasure hunt for letters to get the students really excited for their task. Then we modeled, modeled and modeled our expectations. Students were then dismissed to their table seats. Students woke their iPads up, searched for our QR Code App and opened it. We used QR Code Reader by Scan because it is free and doesn't have pop up ads like other QR Apps!

Before we dismissed table groups to hurt for letters around the room, we modeled again our expectations, including a few none examples to make sure they would remember our expectations. It went something like this:
  • Stand up, push in your chair, and then pick up your iPad with both hands
  • Next walk around the room, watching out for our friends, remembering to always hold our iPad with two hands
  • Once you find a QR Code, you must aline the QR Code to the square on your screen
  • After it scans, it will reveal your letter, and you walk back to your seat to sit down
  • Our iPads are placed on top of our name tags, then we use our highlighters to trace the letter
  • Once you're done, we tap the X to close the letter and repeat the above steps